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160 Justin Morrill Memorial Highway
Strafford, Vermont 05072

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Phone: 802-649-1005


Please come visit me at my new location, my home!

You will enter and exit through your own door and have access to your own bathroom. No-one from the house will be using these areas, so it will be kept as your space by doing this. I hope to limit any pathogenic exposure by keeping the space limited and impeccably clean.

Please wash your hands upon arriving and leaving (or appropriately use hand sanitation, but I truly believe soap and warm water is the best and most environmentally friendly). Also please refrain from touching surfaces or walls unnecessarily if you can (seems weird, but this really helps keep things clean).
Everything will be disinfected on a super duper level….something that comes easily for me!



An hour and a half in Hope's magic hands renews me for a week!
-Deming H. (Board Chair, Robert Frost Homestead, mother, wife)