Detox Therapies

Detox Therapies


Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation Therapy:

Lymphatic DrainageWhat is Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation Therapy?

Lymphatic Stimulation Therapy is designed to improve the flow of fluids in the body, affecting mostly the blood and the lymph. This therapy allows the body to eliminate toxins and move nutrition and oxygen into the tissues. In the body, the capillary system exchanges nutrients from the circulation system to the tissues. Technically, this creates space for the body to “push” the waste products into the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is part of the body’s immune system which functions as a “sewer” for the body’s eliminated waste. When this system becomes blocked or congested it lays the foundation for chronic disease.

Health care today is dependent on managing chronic disease. The proper lymphatic flow that this therapy provides is critical for preventing these problems.

How does this system work?

The aim of this therapy is to produce an energy field that penetrates through the skin and underlying tissue changing the electronic charge of body fluids. This process allows waste to be released from the blood and lymph more easily. Clumping red blood cells and stagnant lymphatics become free to move waste from the body again. Once the body regains this function, it tends to want to maintain the function.

Factors contributing to lymphatic congestion

Injuries, Immobility and Inactivity, Poor diet and nutrition, Dehydration, Pathogens or sickness, Stress, Hormone imbalances, Environmental toxins, Surgery, Normal aging process

Health issues that have been positively affected by lymphatic stimulation

Any lymph-edema issues or fluid retention, Fibromyalgia, Traumas and scar tissue issues, Headaches, Asthma and bronchitis, Post Surgical Lymphatic disruption, Skin problems, Chronic fatigue, Cellulite, Inflammatory joint conditions, Stress relief, Toxic cleansing and Pain

Client preparation

Remove all jewelry
Have a shower before the treatment
Do not apply deodorant or creams to skin prior to treatment
Drink plenty of water before and especially after the treatment to move toxic material through the system better


NOT for people with pacemakers or other electronic devices.
Not for the terminally ill.

Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation Therapy



Detox Foot Bath:

Placing your feet in a tub of pleasantly hot water for a 1/2 hour therapy is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress. This therapy has a negative ionic element that attracts toxins and moves them from body to water quietly changing the color of the water from clear to murky reds, browns and greens. Afterwards feeling lighter and exhilarated, all the better for being cleaner through and through. A must for those exposed to chemicals, pollution, medications, pesticides, insecticides, poor digestion, etc. Also highly recommended for diabetics and those with strong "labels".

Detox Foot Bath

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Far InfraRed Therapy:

A healing therapy that uses penetrating infrared light to bring warmth and relaxation. It also breaks up toxins within the cell, releasing debris for the lymphatic system to carry away.

We use this on the massage therapy table on any given day or as a precursor to the detox foot bath therapy.

This unit emits "0" emf's (electro magnetic fields).

Far InfraRed Therapy



If you want to be transported to a different place…. if you want warm, healing hands laid upon you, if you want to come down from this frenetic life that we all are experiencing and if you want ninety minutes in your day to be all about you…..then Hope Haviland is the massage therapist for you.
-Darla S. (Lic. Esthetician)