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Below you will find some of the types of work that I incorporate into my sessions. I might also focus on one kind of work for you exclusively in a session, if that is your desire. But I wanted to tell you that typically, my work takes on a special life of its own when working with individuals as each person is a unique and fascinating challenge with their own stories carried and expressed. What happens in the massage studio is often intuitive, transformative, infused with healing/ loving energy containing flow and generally feeling connected, deeply relaxing and successfully therapeutic. But this is not necessarily achieved through adhering to one particular type of work.
So, don’t think of the below therapies as true or independent of one another, or that you need to choose just one form. It will all come together in your session in a way that is truly organic, connected, comforting and enriching through trusting, loving touch.

Having said that, do feel free to browse my below trainings. They will definitely give you some ideas about how I incorporate my work:


This is the most requested massage. I combine a mixture of methods, tempos, and touch depths to obtain a very personal experience in one's healing journey. Everyone and every body has a unique and special story and we aspire to meet each person's needs with great skill and individuality. You will more than likely receive touch styles of soothing the nervous system, melting muscle tension areas, and instilling calming energy.

This is always a winner massage!

Custom Massage




This massage is a welcoming experience for those not wishing a deep, "rooting out" sensation. It is soothing and calming to the nervous system using long luxurious strokes in a rhythmic fashion on superficial muscle and tissues. For people who have not had a lot of bodywork or those just wanting a calming and soothing effect.

Lovely and tranquil, enjoyable and de-stressing, appropriate for almost everyone.

Swedish Massage



Deep Tissue:

A very popular massage for those who like to feel the "ahhh" of "oh that hurts so good"!!. We meet you where you're at with this massage, so that you feel accessed but not so that you tense up all over. It is a very useful massage for athletes and actives or for people with injuries who want "correction". It is also wonderful for anyone with plain old aches and pains. It's so relieving and always integrated with calming, soothing strokes for the ultimate all-over "feel good" sensation.

Deep Tissue Massage



Hot Desert Stone Therapy:

A most luxurious and "melting" therapy used for addressing sore muscles, aches and pains, and for soothing the nervous system. A penetrating warmth is applied with stones warmed to perfection and applied with skill and intricacy in a variety of ways. Small stones are even placed between the toes! This is our way of bringing nature's rhythm, texture and healing to you through the use of these smooth, beautiful stones.

Hot Desert Stone Therapy




A wonderful and stretchy way to relax and open up joints, increasing range of motion. By applying yogic stretches while you relax, and by applying compression to your meridian lines, you will have a whole body treatment positively benefitting your organ systems.

Great for the young and hearty as well as menopausal women, andropausal men and others who are in need of de-congesting.

This modality is integrated on the table with soothing strokes to calm the nervous system.





A spectacular way of addressing the body with a broad & deep stroke by the practitioners feet in a very controlled and skilled way. If you would like a totally "squeezed" out sensation (all that's "yuck") and you would like to be accessed in a unique way, this therapy is
for you! The therapist utilizes overhead parallel bars to be in constant balance offering a safe and therapeutic result. Feel the "ahhhhhh" in Ah-shiatsu!



Jin Shin Jyutsu:

Details coming soon.

Jin Shin Jyutsu




A wonderful way for our pregnant mothers-to-be to receive a relaxing and de-stressing therapeutic session. We focus on a safe and enhanced experience by giving attention to the problem areas of carrying…. sacrum, hips, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, back, head…. all good places for tension relief and pain management. We are careful not to over stimulate areas of concern during this special time.
A must for mothers after the 1st trimester.






An integrated practice of working with the feet to address all of the organ systems and neurological points that are reflected in the body. There is a direct correlation between the body, its systems and the whole of the surface area of the feet. By working all your foot points you will indirectly / directly be getting a full body massage. Usually integrated into your 1 1/2 session (in part), but also available as a sole session (pun intended!).





We’ll take you there through the flow of breath, touch, movement, and rooted music.

The more one trusts in flow, the deeper into the trance state one may go.

When our energies align and we are taken on a journey to the deep, it is possible to experience profound spaciousness and bliss.

As this blissful state expands, one’s sense of self and other dissolves leaving us in a state of mutual egolessness.

Side note: This work is rooted in music played at an above average but still comfortable volume. Sound ‘sensitives’ please take note.

Trance Massage


Wonderful intuition
Glorious hands
Beautiful space.
Truly, I can be transported and integrated at the same time.
-Theresa M. (Chiropractor, mother, Yoga Therapist)



I met Hope this year after searching the internet for local therapists who might be able to help me with my continual lower extremity edema (not related to any apparent medical condition). I have had many chiropractic and homeopathic treatments in my adult life and truly enjoy them. The time I’ve spent with Hope in her therapy practice has been very rewarding.

Hope is kind and caring, and the atmosphere is so wonderful. To my absolute delight, I have experienced relief with my edema after only a few massage sessions. I am amazed at the results of my multiple foot detox treatments as well. I feel so much better. I made an appointment for my sister who was visiting from Michigan and she thoroughly enjoyed her massage and foot detox session. I encourage you to make an appointment soon. You will be so happy with the results!
- Maureen G. (Clinical Nutrition Manager, mother)